Organicco’s ‘ecoHERO’ is a revolutionary low energy accelerated thermophilic aerobic digestion (ATAD) system. The ‘ecoHERO’ digests and dries organic waste in as little as 24 hours. It produces PAS100 equivalent quality granular organic fertiliser. The payback period on large-scale operations is typically 3 years.


The Technology

This revolutionary technology does not use enzymes or chemical additives to speed up the process. The unit is quiet, sealed, safe, hygienic, compact, and economical to run. Wet scrubbers and filters eliminate odour. The ‘ecoHERO’ can be fed continuously 24/7 up to its capacity.


Our Guarantee

Organic waste producers currently pay to have it removed for treatment. The ‘ecoHERO’ guarantees to produce income from the waste. This is a major benefit to food producers, farmers, government, and the taxpaying public who currently pay for and subsidise waste treatment.


Solving Food Waste problems

The ‘ecoHERO’ is ‘game changer’ technology with its capability to treat all organic waste. Food producers and manufacturers, processors and supermarkets, hotels and leisure complexes can use it. It is much sought after in the farming community for treating animal waste and bedding, and for larger operations in Municipal and Public Sector waste disposal sites and in hospitals, prisons, universities, etc. Similarly, it can simplify the process, reduce plant size and stabilise wet digestate at anaerobic digestion plants.

The ‘ecoHERO’ allows waste generators to profit by turning it waste into a commodity and for operators to provide a greener and cheaper option to current waste disposal methods.

Organicco’s research and development team has developed the ‘ecoHERO’ over 10 years. The team constantly improved the process and its costings. It is a modular configuration and tested on a wide range of materials, including food waste, farmyard manure, digestate and sludge, with consistent and reliable results.

Reducing carbon footprint

The simple, safe, compact nature of the ‘ecoHERO’ makes it an excellent way to utilise the UK’s low grade waste heat sources. The ‘ecoHERO’ typically reduce the treated waste in weight and volume between 60% and 90%.

Treating the waste on site reduces/eliminates road haulage costs and the carbon footprint.

For each tonne of typical nitrogen fertiliser displaced by organic fertiliser pellets, you can prevent up to 6t of CO2 is prevented from entering the atmosphere.

End of Waste

The fertiliser produced is PAS100 equivalent which means that, in many applications, food residues remain a by-product and do not become classified as a waste. This simplifies regulatory requirements and reduces handling costs.

Carbon Sequestration to Soil

The soil is the planet’s main natural carbon store. Granular organic waste applied to the soil will reduce greenhouse gases benefitting the environment rather than using the same untreated waste to generate energy and CO2. According to Waste Recycling Action Programme (WRAP), this is typically 4.5kgCO2/t of food waste.

True closed loop recycling

Organic carbon and nutrients are returned to the soil. In anaerobic digestion typically 60% of the carbon is burnt as methane, and becomes CO2, contributing to global warming rather than reducing it. During In-Vessel Composting (IVC) a sizeable portion of the nutrient is lost. Organicco’s systems ensure that what comes out of the ground is returned.

Potential for ‘Upcycling’

The ‘ecoHERO’ is also ideal for adding value, known as ‘upcycling’ organics. New fertiliser recipes can be created by including other high nutrient waste streams, artificial fertiliser, pesticides, or soil amendment products. Fertilisers can be created that will produce consistent and improved crop yield performance, and therefore higher values.


'ecoHERO' is quiet, sealed, odourless, safe, hygienic and compact, and being easy to own and operate. We offer full installation, commissioining and training for safe operation.

Planning and permitting

Planning and permitting problems are reduced because of compatibility, size and safety features of the systems. We work with you on every step from project initiation to its completion.