Organic waste to resources. 
Specialists in Digestate and Farm Waste Solutions

Using ethical manufacturing methods and fostering a client focused attitude, we help small and large farmers Anaerobic Digestion Owners and all companies and businesses with organic waste disposal problems. We thrive by listening and understanding client’s problems, offering tailor-made solutions capable of producing income, reducing costs and solving waste problems. We are passionate about committing our energies and resources, time and money to making the World greener by producing systems and solutions designed to do so.


We provide solutions to clients facing problems with unwanted organic materials. Our patented technology produces natural assets of organic fertiliser, heat and electricity.

Companies and organisations benefit from increased efficiency and greater cost-effectiveness of converting food waste and agriculture wastes into a valuable end product, which they can sell or utilise themselves.

Our solutions.

Food waste management

Organicco’s ‘ecoHERO’ is revolutionary technology. It does not use enzymes or chemical additives to speed up the process. The units are quiet, sealed, safe, hygienic, compact, and economical. With the benefit of wet scrubbers and filters, it is odourless. It can be fed 24/7 up to its capacity limit.

Digestate Management

Organicco’s ‘ecoDRYER’ is the world’s first industrial integrated low energy digestate dryer. It works by vaporising the moisture at a much lower temperature than conventional dryers. It can be integrated with the ‘ecoHERO’ for producing high-quality fertiliser.

Farm Waste to energy solution

Organicco's 'ecoENERGY' is a total solution that generates electricity, heat and fertiliser products. It uses Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), integrated with a biomass boiler and the ecoHERO. Suitable for small or large farms.

Organic Fertiliser Plant

Organicco provides a solution to transform organic material such as food waste, farmyard manure, sludge, sewage cake, and digestate from anaerobic or aerobic digesters to produce natural assets. This will create electricity and heat for client’s operation, whilst producing saleable fertiliser providing additional revenue.

Our Products


Organicco’s ‘ecoHERO’ is a revolutionary accelerated thermophilic aerobic digestion (ATAD) system. It is an energy efficient unit, which digests, stabilises and dries the organic waste. Depending on the feedstock, it does this in as little as 24 hours without the help of any enzymes additives.


Organicco’s ‘ecoDRYER’ is Organicco’s unique dryer. It uses a combination of hot water and a microwave heating system. It can be configured to suit many applications, including dehydrating high moisture content materials.


Organicco’s ‘ecoENERGY’ is an integrated waste to energy solution. Carefully selected combinations of components are used to construct a reliable and economical answer to organic waste problems, providing a “total solution” for agricultural and commercial purposes.

Control and Automation

Organicco has vast amount of experience of developing and delivering control and automation projects offering a high-quality service at an affordable price designed to meet all requirements of the client.

Completing the food cycle

we help small farming communities grow organically and foster a client focused attitude.