Our Mission

To become the world leader in environment friendly, efficient and cost-effective solutions for organic waste to resources technology.

Our Vision

Empowering businesses with the power of innovation by transforming by-products into valuable resources.

At Organicco, by using ethical manufacturing methods for solving organic waste disposal problems experienced by many organisations, we reduce costs and develop income streams. We thrive because of our market knowledge, with a driven and passionate team behind our product. As our business grows, we will proactively transform how we manufacture our products and how we do business.

Our motivation

Having spent ten years of research and development of technologies and market opportunities we, the company, have environmental, social and governance principles embedded at the heart of everything we do. It is in our DNA.

We want to protect the environment by empowering small and medium sized businesses and farmers with the strength of innovation by transforming their by-products into resources e.g., electricity, heat, fertiliser, animal feed, vertical farming to produce food, water recovery, carbon capture and storage. We strive to unlock the potential of companies and farmers and break down barriers in achieving sustainability. Through it all we promote diversity, fairness, accountability, responsibility, and transparency in our own operations and those we work with.

By embedding sustainability in its broadest sense, we can deliver on our mission to drive sustainable growth and prosperity, enabling the transition to a net-zero economy which profits from waste. In the past when resources were in abundance, we were living in a throw-away society and ignoring the environmental damage. There was a short sightedness which prevented the enormous potential of waste being utilised as a source of income and as a way of achieving a closed-loop economy. We applaud the opening of minds to achieve end-of-waste which must be at the forefront of all efforts dedicated to protecting the environment.

With all the discussion regarding climate change, dwindling energy resources, and environmental impact, it is no surprise that governments and businesses, large and small are looking at sustainability as the way forward. It is therefore an exciting time to be involved in a business designed to create new opportunities to transform the waste industry. These opportunities must be seized for the good of the planet. We intend to be at the forefront of such change to discard outmoded practices and to drive the industry forward. All around us, we witness many Governments introducing stricter regulations as scientists spell out the dire consequences for the planet if we fail to act.

Organicco Team

Jonathan Ure
Jonathan Ure
Managing Director

Jon is from a legal background having successfully managed his own business. He has been actively involved in marketing, accountancy and management. Jon brought these skills to Organicco when it was established.

Sergo Vashakmadze
Sergo Vashakmadze
Investor Relations

Sergo has more than two decades of experience in developing finance/international financial institutions. He has spent some time in London with Bloomberg. Sergo received an MBA from Leipzig Graduate School of Management.

Sergo Vashakmadze
Anupama Nigam
Head of Project Management

Anu is self-motivated professional with over 13 years of experience in the insurance industry with management, team building, process set-up and project management skills. She is hardworking, self-motivated with a positive outlook and has brought a great all round ability to the Company.

Jonathan Ure
Paul Herrbach
R&D Consultant

Paul has been a very enterprising and successful businessman with over 40 years’ experience in manufacturing. After retiring from the day-to-day business of running his own company he became Mayor of his township and was re-elected several times. His expertise is greatly valued by Organicco.

Jonathan Ure
Dr Vikram Pattarkine
Technical Advisor USA

Vikram is an expert in environmental engineering, often called to speak on his specialist knowledge in wastewater treatment, nutrient recovery, renewable energy and fuel. He has worked extensively on creating renewable fuel from algae which Organicco intend to introduce in the near future.

Sergo Vashakmadze
Korah Abraham
Head of Operations USA

Korah has over 30 years experienced in wastewater treatment, renewable energy, environment risk and impact assessments, project planning and engineering design. He has managed and delivered many government and community environmental projects and leads Organicco’s foray into the North American market.

Sergo Vashakmadze
Gopal Jeyasundra
Senior Consultant

Gopal has over 15 years' experience in Sales and Marketing, R&D, EPC projects and has delivered fertiliser plants in six different countries. He is an experienced electrical, mechanical and control engineer.

149MKM, Organicco's JV partner

JV with 149MKM

To add to our nimble team, we also collaborate with 149MKM based in Alberta, Canada to deliver renewable energy projects. They are experienced in Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Management (EPCM). Industry leader in facility design for the refined fuels, renewable fuels, renewable energy, fertiliser, and transportation industries.