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climate change blog

Climate change is scientifically proven fact!

As the world slowly reacts to the environmental Armageddon it has created for itself it is imperative that urgent action is undertaken. The time for sitting on our hands and leaving it to others has long past its sell by date. We are all responsible for our actions and can and must do all we can to help avoid the oncoming ecological disaster whilst there is still time to make a difference.

soil degradation blog

Soil degradation

At a 2014 forum held in Rome and organised by the UN Food & Agriculture Organisation (FAO), Maria – Helena Semedo gave a stark warning to all those attending that it takes 1,000 years to generate 3 centimetres of top soil and approximately one-third has been lost. If the present rate of soil degradation continued, all the World’s topsoil would be gone within 60 years. She went to say that degraded soil means the amount of arable and productive land per person in 2050 will be only 25% of what is was in 1960.

agriculture waste blog

Agricultural Waste and Pollution

As the population of the world increases so does the demand for food. This in turn leads to pressure on the agricultural sector to increase yields whilst doing so at affordable pricing. This has caused farmers to abandon traditional methods in favour of the intensive farming we see employed today resulting in greater agricultural waste and pollution.

river wye blog

Unmasking the Environmental Crisis

The blame has been squarely directed at the numerous livestock production facilities, notably poultry farms, that have emerged within the River Wye's catchment area. The gravity of the situation has reached such levels that the Wildlife Trust is urging the governments of England and Wales to halt any further developments in this region.