ecoDRYER Digestate Dryer

Anaerobic digestion (AD) is a great way to enhance the value of a business by extracting biogas from leftover organic matter. The value of this process can be further enhanced by converting the digestate by-product into a quality organic fertiliser.

Organicco’s ‘ecoDRYER’ harnesses the surplus thermal energy left unused by AD plants and uses this to heat and dry the digestate. This ensures that running costs are minimal, as not only is the digestate being recycled but the heat of the AD system! is utilised in the process.

A rotary drum helps granulation of the fertiliser which is sanitised before being continuously discharged from the system. Unlike digestate, this output is biologically inactive and ready for immediate use.

The system is highly automated. The feedstock is automatically pumped into the ‘ecoDRYER’ producing the fertiliser for collection. Organicco will also offer to buy the fertiliser, adding an additional revenue stream to compliment the biogas production.


Custom Configuration

Our dryer interacts with AD plant on all levels, from feeding to utilisation of thermal energy. Therefore, understanding the current operation is the first priority before proposing a solution. Each dryer is unique to suit each customer, and the aim is to provide only the most efficient and quality solutions.

Organicco use only the best materials and labour and prides itself on the quality of products. All clients can be sure each system will not only optimise AD plants performance, but will be durable and long lasting. To reflect this Organicco provide competitive warranties and service contracts.

Any size

Volume is not a problem. Organicco’s systems process daily from as little as 5 tonnes per day up to 30 tonnes per day. In addition, the modular design ensures that increasing the system size is cost effectively managed.

Superior Design

All systems are manufactured using only the finest materials and workmanship. The design and manufacture of all our systems is carried out in high-tech facilities using the most reputable suppliers and engineers guaranteeing quality, reliability and longevity.

Typical Applications

The application of the ‘ecoDRYER’ is not limited to AD operators; many other businesses can benefit from what the ‘ecoDRYER’ offers. The system can dry a variety of material such as digestate, slurry, farmyard manure, woodchip, sewage, general waste and sludge.