The most advanced organic waste and food waste recycling solution in the world

Organicco is an innovative and modern biotechnology company specialising in organic and food waste recycling, waste to energy, organic fertiliser, and sustainable engineering consultancy services.

Our business offers affordable technology for solving escalating food security problems. The main focus concentrates on decarbonisation whilst reducing costs and providing environmental benefits for all.

This has been achieved with the continuous development of Organicco’s closed-loop solution where we waste nothing. Depending on the input material our technologies convert organic waste into other useful resources, such as fertiliser, animal feed, animal protein meal, electricity, heat, steam, grey water, fuel, and compressed CO2 i.e., the input material is recycled into a commodity with financial value.

Empowering Businesses

Organicco provides solutions for empowering businesses to divert waste away from expensive traditional disposal options whilst helping them meet their net-zero targets. Organicco has specifically designed a range of products to convert waste into natural assets.

Featured Products

ecoHERO aerobic digester


Organic Fertiliser Plant

The ‘ecoHERO’ is a revolutionary accelerated thermophilic aerobic digestion (ATAD) system. It is an energy efficient unit, which digests, stabilises and dries organic waste. Depending on the feedstock, it does this in as little as 24 hours without the help of any enzymes or additives. Unlike our ecoDRYER, it is slow a drier instead uses aerobic conditions.

ecoDRYER digestate dryer


Digestate Dryer

The ‘ecoDRYER’ is Organicco’s unique efficient dryer. It uses a combination of hot water and a microwave heating system. It can be configured to suit many applications, including dehydrating high moisture content materials, such as drying digestate for an anaerobic / biogas plant. Unlike the ecoHERO, it does not stablise bioactive materials.

ecoENERGY waste-to-energy



Organicco’s ‘ecoENERGY’ is an integrated waste to energy solution. Carefully selected combinations of components are used to construct a reliable and economical answer to organic waste problems, providing a “total solution” for agricultural and commercial purposes. It can be configured with ecoHERO and ecoDRYER units to handle many types of organic waste.

Organicco Presentation

Featured Solutions

Organicco Odour Control

Odour Control

Regenerative Catalyst

Organicco have a range of scrubbers and a regenerative catalyst system for the removal of gaseous compounds and odour such as sulphur compounds (e.g., hydrogen sulphide and mercaptans), aromatics, ammonia and other types of VOCs. These compounds are formed in for example biogas production, biogas upgrading, sludge holding tanks, hygienisation tanks, sewage pipelines, sewage pumping stations and sewage treatment plants. Typically, odour reduction of 98 – 99.5% is achieved.

ecoDRYER digestate dryer


Organic Waste Management

There is no better solution than avoiding waste in the first place. Consequently, Organicco offer options to avoid producing waste or ways to help reduce it. Where it is not possible to reduce waste, Organicco offer a number of solutions, which not only transforms waste into useful resources, but can help meet net-zero targets. Organicco will provide data driven factual numbers, demonstrating the carbon reduction to help with net-zero carbon calculations.

ecoENERGY waste-to-energy


Consultancy Services

Organicco have a consulting team and offer engineering, procurement and construction services, (EPC), front-end engineering design services (FEED), feasibility studies, technical design and project management services. Organicco specialise in net-zero, carbon capture, renewable and cleantech infrastructure projects.
Organicco is developing an integrated carbon capture technology which cleans the emissions from fuel driven renewable energy sources, such as anaerobic digesters waste to energy plant where carbon is captured and stored.

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Climate change is a scientifically proven fact!

As the world slowly reacts to the environmental Armageddon it has created for itself it is imperative that urgent action is undertaken. The time for sitting on our hands and leaving it to others has long past its sell by date. We are all responsible for our actions and can and must contribute to solving the problems whilst there is still time to make a difference.