Harnessing the power of the naturally occurring process of aerobic digestion, the ‘ecoHERO’ converts organic waste into fertiliser in typically 24 – 72 hours. Systems vary in sizes and are customised to suit individual requirements.

The ‘ecoHERO’ diverts waste away from landfill sites, producing savings to disposal budgets adding value through the sale of produced fertiliser. Further still, we will offer to buy the fertiliser producing an immediate return on investment.

Our digestion process requires no additional enzymes or chemicals, and the only by-products produced are water vapour and CO2 which is captured and stored in a compressed liquid form.

The system is extremely user friendly and human intervention is minimal due to the high level of machine automation. Continuous processing means that all you do is feed the waste into the system at any time and collect the output.


Bespoke Solutions

Experience shows all clients require a unique solution. Quick fix ‘off the shelf’ products with their ‘square pegs round holes’ approach are never the answer. Organicco’s experienced work force would ensure the correct solution is applied to solve all problems.

Any size

Volume is not a problem. Organicco’s systems process daily from as little as 250kg per day up to 30 tonnes per day. In addition, the modular design ensures that increasing the system size is cost effectively managed.

Superior Design

All systems are manufactured using only the finest materials and workmanship. The design and manufacture of all our systems is carried out in high-tech facilities using the most reputable suppliers and engineers guaranteeing quality, reliability and longevity.

Typical Applications

  • Agriculture & Farming
  • Municipal Food Waste
  • Food Manufacturers & Abattoirs
  • Commercial Kitchens & Restaurants
  • Airlines & Cruise Ships
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Supermarkets & Shopping Complexes
  • Universities, Colleges, Schools & Institutions
  • Digestate & Sludge Treatment