Odour Control

We have range of odour control and management systems based on wet scrubbers, venturi scrubbers, carbon filters, regenerative catalysts, centrifugal separators, and plasma systems.

Wet scrubbers are cost effective and comes in all shapes and sizes whilst regenerative catalyst and plasma systems require much less water and maintenance.

Regenerative catalyst system

A regenerative catalyst system eliminates odorous, gaseous compounds such as reduced sulphur compounds (e.g. hydrogen sulphide and mercaptans), aromatics, ammonia and other types of VOCs. These compounds are formed in for example biogas production, biogas upgrading, sludge holding tanks, sanitisation tanks, sewage pipelines, sewage pumping stations and sewage treatment plants. Typically, this process can achieve odour reduction of 98-99.5%.

Impingement plate wet scrubber

The wet scrubbers use impingement plate to treat exhaust gases due to their ability to remove solid, liquid and gaseous contaminants with a high degree of efficiency. A single stage impingement plate scrubber would be expected to remove 90% of particles with an average size of 1 micron and a two-stage unit would be expected to remove 99% at this size. Gaseous contaminants are removed with the same degree of efficiency when using the appropriate acid/alkaline scrubbing liquor.

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