• Converts organic waste material into quality organic fertiliser in 24h - 72h (depending on feedstocks).
  • Modular flexibility and daily throughput capacity ranging from 0.250 to 30 tonnes per day.
  • Easy to operate, simple design, affordable and sustainable.
  • Low energy consumption and high automation.


  • Dryer system capable of drying digestate, slurry, sludge, sawdust, and farmyard manure.
  • Suitable for various drying applications.
  • Converts digestate into granular fertiliser or animal bedding.
  • Use of waste-heat reduces the running cost.


  • Transforms waste to energy, electricity and heat, fertiliser.
  • Affordable, compact, reliable and sustainable.
  • Systems ranging from 20kW to 250kW and integrated with carbon capture.
  • Handles wide varieties of feedstock.