Organic & food waste management. The most advanced organic waste to resources solution in the world!

A fantastic opportunity for change

 You’re certainly in good company. Organicco is an innovative, world class professional organisation which exists to promote best value in your business by turning your waste into useful products. 

Our ‘ecoHERO’ range converts organic waste into useful resources, such as fertiliser, animal feed, fish meal and protein meal for farming. 

In today’s business environment, no company can afford to waste money - or waste the planet! It’s a fact that waste is an essential part of providing food products and services. By working with Organicco you will eliminate sending waste to landfill, waterways or to incineration, while reducing your costs.

net-zero food waste

Reduce cost with the ‘ecoHERO’ Digester

At Organicco, we don’t just focus on reducing your cost and reducing your waste, we are offering you the opportunity and the tools to transform your waste into a commodity - fertiliser - which Organicco offer to purchase back from you. No other company offers you an income from food waste disposal.

Accelerated thermophilic aerobic digester for food waste

Our ‘ecoHERO’ Digesters are simple to operate. They require minimal maintenance, they’re quiet, safe, hygienic, sealed and neatly packaged and therefore emit no odours. They have a relatively small footprint, too. 

Our new range of ‘ecoHERO’s have greater modular flexibility, which allows the front end to be expanded should the demand on the machine’s capacity increase, without the expense of upgrading to a larger model. 

We have expanded the range of models too - a new mini ‘ecoHERO’ can process from as little as 100kgs a day, at the other end of the scale, we can build ‘ecoHERO’s to process more than 100 tonnes a day. 

This now allows virtually every business and organisation with a organic waste disposal requirement, a cost effective, alternative to expensive landfill, incineration or waterway disposal. Whilst giving them an income from the fertiliser our Biotech solution offers. 

Further still our new electrical control system ensures they remain incredibly economical to run. 

Features and benefits

Separated organic waste is bin lifted into the ‘ecoHERO’, on a continuous feeding cycle, which allows you to input the organic waste at any time and with any volume up to the capacity of the machine. Once bin lifted, it’s shredded and slowly aerobically digested in a homogeniser tank. Afterwards, homogeneous matter is then fed into the rotary bioreactor where it goes through accelerated thermophilic aerobic digestion and finally the microwave drying process occurs, from which the fertiliser granules are produced. 

Once processed, the organic waste will have reduced by around 70% in both weight and volume, leaving a commodity that is manageable, packageable and easily transportable. 

Fertiliser is a commodity in demand, so to make life easy, we will buy all the fertiliser you produce at an agreed rate per tonne. We even collect your fertiliser for free from anywhere in the world. 

The ‘ecoHERO’ Digester offers the best cost-effective solution to recycle food waste. It is a closed-loop system where nothing is wasted, everything is recycled into a useful form. We can even recover the water that is condensed in the process. 

This system completes the natural process of the food cycle where organic/food waste is converted into a nutrient, carbon rich fertiliser to be applied to the soil to produce a new crop for the cycle to start once more.  

Organicco’s Quality Assurance

Organicco is a highly regarded organisation that has scientifically designed and built its own products from scratch. We have the experience and expertise to offer all customers effective solutions to all organic waste problems whist helping achieve carbon reduction targets. All customers can be assured that Organicco will stand accountable for every product they manufacture. 

By using the Organicco to help achieve your goals, you will receive the best practical and personal support to successfully change to an ecologically sound practice, which will reduce your current spend on organic waste disposal.

The Technology

Organicco’s patented ‘ecoHERO’ Digester is the first of its kind anywhere in the world, it makes recycling organic waste easy and profitable. The system is based on accelerated thermophilic aerobic digestion (ATAD) which breaks down organic materials very quickly. So quickly, in fact, that the ‘ecoHERO’ will shred and digest the waste material and produce a non-toxic, stable fertiliser pellet in less than a day in some cases, without the need for expensive enzymes or chemical additives. 

About the Fertiliser

Numerous tests have been carried out on the fertiliser pellets and show that it has good soil nutrient properties. It is stable and slow releasing, thus usable for farming. The stability test of fertiliser shown by blue trace outperforms PAS100 material shown by black trace. (See graph on CO2 production)

fertilizer stability test

ecoHERO case study

The Need

Loc Troi Group, formally known as An Giang Plant Protection, are a Vietnamese agricultural company, established in 1993 in the An Giang Province. Growing from a small start-up company of 23 people, Loc Troi is now one of Vietnams leading agricultural distributers, working in fields of crop protection chemicals, seed production, paper packing, tourism and rice processing for export and domestic consumption. Currently, Loc Troi employ in excess of 2,000 people and are working closely with Vietnamese farmers to develop sustainable cultivation techniques. 

Loc Troi pride themselves on both sustainability and their close relationship with Vietnam’s farmers. In 2006 they launched the ‘To the Fields with the Farmers’ campaign, which saw Loc Troi Scientists and Developers live and work among the farmers to gain a true insight into their needs. This commitment was aimed at developing truly sustainable farming methods, to match the group’s philosophy that ‘Farmers are the group’s real owners.’ 

Such commitment to sustainability, however, was found lacking in certain areas of the company. As a producer of sugar, Loc Tori found itself dealing with 700 tonnes of waste sugar cane dust and peat a week. Due to its high moisture content of 40-50%, the use of sugar cane dust as a combustible fuel was problematic, and landfill costs were in the region of 50 USD per tonne. Clearly, a solution was needed to create a sustainable sugar production operation, which maximised efficiency and minimised costs, in line with the value of sustainability that the company advocated.

The Solution

Experiments into the natural fermentation of waste had already been carried out in an attempt to solve this problem, but this process took between 40-45 days and was not practical due to the volumes of waste produced. What was needed was a quick solution that would divert waste from landfills, bringing both financial and environmental benefits. 

Loc Troi found Organicco’s team online, and were intrigued with the content of their website. In particular, the ''ecoHERO' system was of particular interest, due its ability to convert organic waste into fertiliser in typically 3-5 days. As an agricultural company, Loc Troi used huge quantities of fertiliser, and the benefits of converting waste into fertiliser would not only solve the initial problem, but create further opportunities for savings. 

After contacting Organicco’s team, a visit to Loc Troi from Organicco’s Malaysian office was organised, where representatives from Loc Troi were given a presentation of Organicco’s products and solutions. Following this, a period of consultation took place, as it was important for both parties to gain a full understanding of each other before any orders were placed. Representatives from Organicco visited members of Loc Troi in Ho Chi Minh City, to learn more of their needs and to make the management of Loc Tori comfortable with the solution Organicco offered. A product demonstration was also arranged to certify that the ''ecoHERO' performed as promised, and members of Loc Troi visited a site in Singapore where an ecoHERO system was in operation. Impressed with what they saw, the project was given the go-ahead and the design process begun.

ecoHERO digester
The Benefits

 Once the system was successfully installed across a 1000m2 area of Loc Troi’s production facility, the benefits soon became apparent. From an operational perspective, the system had to handle waste coming from a range of sites. Incorporating a nearby river into the design allowed waste to be brought to the site via boat and then loaded directly into the ecoHERO, allowing waste to come directly from a wide area. Once loaded, the operator simply pushed a button, initiating the sequence. The rest happens automatically, with the operator collecting the fertiliser at the end of the process, ensuring that maximum waste could be processed with minimal effort. 

The 'ecoHERO' also helped Loc Troi achieve a higher level of sustainability. Previously, the sugar cane dust was sent to costly landfills, but now it was a transformed useful resource, one that could be utilised by the company and the farmers. Not only were waste disposal costs reduced, but Loc Troi became a producer of one of agriculture’s most important resources-fertiliser. No longer would they have to spend money sourcing this commodity from elsewhere thus achieving huge savings.