What is different about Organicco

We at organicco and through its subsidiaries have developed number of technologies over 10 years for adding value to businesses. We have an experience and responsible team. Additionally, our technologies are proven and even undergone technical due diligence by well established consulting firm. As a results of these hard work we have number of projects that are ready to develop immediately. At the moment, we are delivering three projects in UK.

What is Organicco?

Organicco was created after more than ten years of research and development into green-tech products, and with over two million pounds of investment. Based in the United Kingdom, Organicco will be responsible for managing the funds raised by an initial coin offering and to increase the value of Organicco tokens.

Why have your products have not reached its full potential if it has been this good?

We had developed the products and services based on their merits, however soon after launching our products, we were faced with stiff competitions from technologies supported by governments grants. As being a small player, without strong funding we had struggled to develop the market to its full potential. Though number of billion pounds gone into this industry, the problem still remains unsolved. Due to the strength of our technology, we are making good head way towards solving this problem. We are the only genuine company that solves the problem completely, everyone else either uses its benefits or leaves behind unfinished work.

How is my investment protected?

We know, many of you will be choosing carefully to invest your hard earn savings in the right product for good return. We take our responsibility seriously. It is why, even though ICO is unregulated in many countries we are making the difference. Already started the communication with Financial Conduct Authority, Cifas, US SEC and so on with regards to our plan. One of the way we protect your investment is by setting aside at least 25% of your funds in secure assets such as real estate, bonds, gold and silver. The more profit we make from sale of our technology solutions, natural capitals and transactions fees from easiPayer, the more assets we will have and more value the Organicco tokens will have. We are constantly working hard to ensure that we can provide maximum protection for your investment, for example with insurance.

Is it high risk to invest in ICO?

The ICO are currently unregulated, therefore you are extremely unlikely to be supported by UK regulatory protections like the Financial Services Compensation Scheme or the Financial Ombudsman Service. Hence it is important only to invest on how much you can afford. Please seek independent advice if you are not sure.

How do you generate a return on my investment?

A. After the purchase of our token, we will use the funds to develop the projects and the international payment platform. As well as working towards getting Organicco listed on crypto exchanges. Before launching our token on exchanges, we will be creating lots of publicity about our products and services, and creating demand for Organicco token. In future we will be trade our products and services with Organicco and easiPayer tokens. Since there is only limited number of Organicco tokens available, and any new investors wanting to buy our token, can only do so if you decide to sell your token. At that time, the price will fluctuate based on market demand. That is the reason we have priced our token at such low value, to follow some of the growth seen on other crypto currencies. In turn giving you maximum benefits to see high return for your investment. However, please note when we gone on exchange, the responsibility of the decision of whether to cash in on your return falls on you. We believe as long as we keep doing things right at our end, you can receive good return on your investment.

Is it right for those who bought tokens at ICO to receive high return?

Well, those who bought the ICO tokens are like venture capitals and have taken greater risks on their investment. Therefore, it is right that they get good return on their investment. Thus, it is no different to any conventional investment schemes.

On your white paper you mentioned green-tech products, which is a vague statement?

We have number of proven and patented aerobic digester technology for converting unwanted organic such as food scraps, farm slurry/ manure into fertiliser, animal feed or biomass fuel. There is another system for converting digestate (liquid by-products) from renewable energy plants into fertiliser. Then we have air-source and ground-source heat-pumps that we integrate with our aerobic digester unit for both recovering wasted heat (which we receive renewable heat incentives) and fertiliser or fish meal. We are developing another new system for transforming how commercial general waste is collected, where black bag wastes are converted into biomass fuels. Currently working on development of a system for converting dry farm waste such as straw into renewable fuel such as methanol and ethanol. Based on how successful we are with ICO fundraising, we will be launching another new technology for converting unwanted organics into renewable energy, mainly aimed at developing countries where these types of energy are much needed. A low cost but built to European standard for powering up more people around the world. The difference is that we will not have liquid by-products that a conventional anaerobic digester system produces. We really want to make a difference in our life-time to the people, planet and businesses.

What is easiPayer?

The easiPayer is new cryptocurrency we will be launching next year (subjected to successful ICO) for trading cross-borders. • it is a currency that will not be listed on exchanges • we will have to meet all legal requirements/ tax laws of various countries.. • and it will be independently audited, and valued (it will be published for public scrutiny too) • therefore, a cryptocurrency that will not fluctuate like all current form of cryptocurrencies (which essentially developed for trading/ exchange) not for commercial use.. • we will be using this easiPayer cryptocurrencies for selling our natural goods, such as fertiliser, biomass fuel, etc.. first of all.. • and gradually roll it out to others.. • it will be fast, secure, easy to use, traceable (for eliminating corruptions), etc.. • it will be a public ledger principle (like all other blockchain) • every single coin will have equivalent asset (such as gold, silver, bonds, fiat currency, real estate), etc.. to give it real value • solving the 'store of value' issues with cryptocurrency.. • importantly to be properly regulated and give full protection to every user..

How do I buy Organicco tokens?

To purchase Organicco token first you have to login to our site: 1. On the dashboard you will see a button ‘BUY TOKEN’, click on it which opens another page (if you don't see it then ICO has not started). 2. Now you will be on ‘Buy Token’ page , there click again on ‘BUY TOKEN’ 3. A pop-up windows opens and select the payment option from three buttons near the top of the window 4. Enter the value in GBP, BTC or ETH (the software will calculate the ORC token based on today’s ETH/ BTC rate). 5. Enter the captcha calculation 6. Then click on BUY 7. That’s you have successfully purchased ORC tokens. 8. We will then send ORC tokens to your wallet address that you have used to transfer ETH to us or the ETH address you have given to us on your profile page. 9. It may take few days to send you the token, we will to complete it within 24 hours If you have encountered any problems please do not hesitate to contact us.

When will you be listing Organicco tokens on exchanges?

We will be listing on exchanges as soon as we have delivered the first large scale project, which is expected to be end first quarter 2019. Once listed, you can decide either to keep hold of your tokens or trade them. If you need more information or unsure about what our objectives are, please talk to us over telephone or you can send us email if it is more convenient.