Climate change is scientifically proven fact!

As the world slowly reacts to the environmental Armageddon it has created for itself it is imperative that urgent action is undertaken. The time for sitting on our hands and leaving it to others has long past its sell by date. We are all responsible for our actions and can and must do all we can to help avoid the oncoming ecological disaster whilst there is still time to make a difference.

One major problem we face is the management of waste. Scientists reports that 1 in 3 people worldwide are forced to dump or burn their waste, causing disease, polluting the oceans and contributing to the global climate crises. This is clearly unacceptable a fact that was recognised by the directors and consultants at Organicco several years ago. Those years were spent developing systems designed to solve organic waste problems by converting waste into valuable resources including electricity, heat, fertiliser, animal feed and in the capture of CO2.

Organicco’s solutions utilise waste to create a closed loop economy. Waste is not wasted but recognised as a valuable commodity to create environmental benefits and financial value before being returned to nature in the form of natural fertilisers. For example, the ecoHERO system produces high nutrient, stable, non-toxic fertiliser granules for sale on the open market.

Organicco is an innovative and modern biotechnology company specialising in organic recycling and waste to energy. It offers affordable technology solving organic waste problems contributing to decarbonisation and the solving of escalating food security issues. For more details on all our systems see our Products page.

Building on years of experience in the development of these systems and in the waste management sector, Organicco can offer consultancy services relating to:

  • Food waste management, for commercial businesses and municipals
  • Farm waste management, we have many years of experiences of creating value from waste
  • Decarbonising solutions, to help meet net zero targets using renewable energy and clean technology
  • Food security, we create a close loop recycling solution, whereby we convert organic waste into nutrient rich fertiliser, and also working towards creating a next generation vertical farming

The aim of Organicco is to become a world leader in environment friendly, efficient and cost-effective waste management empowering businesses with up to the minute technological innovation to transform their by-products into valuable resources.

At Organicco, by using ethical manufacturing methods for solving organic waste disposal problems we reduce costs and develop income streams. We thrive because of our market knowledge, with a driven and passionate team behind our products. As we grow, we will proactively transform how we manufacture and carry out our business. Innovation is key to our strategy recognising that we must build upon our achievements so far by constantly improving and enhancing our product range incorporating the latest technological developments to produce first class products and systems.